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Exhaust & Turbo Specialists

A Mechanic You Can Trust. Since 1958

About AM Performance

Meet AM Performance.

Andrew Migas has been working on performance parts since Mitsubishi Delicas were cool.

A specialist in titanium, Andrew’s custom fabrication skills are perfect for any job.

From Nissan to Lamborghini, Holden to Ferrari, Ford and Mazda, Andrew has developed parts for all kinds of vehicles.

Our Services & Offers


Cat back exhaust system

AM Performance produce a range of high performance exhaust systems built from stainless steel or titanium. Our custom muffler designs ensure maximum flow and efficiency while maintaining your desired volume.

AM Performance exhaust systems are available in off the shelf designs for popular models from Nissan, Toyota, Holden, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi and more, and systems can be customised to your requirements.


Turbo Dump Pipe

AM Performance produce a range of turbo dump pipes for popular turbocharged cars. These dump pipes are available for internal or external wastegate configurations, and are also available as ‘screamer’ pipes.

Our custom split dump pipe design ensures maximum flow efficiency, producing additional boost at lower RPM.


Turbo Manifold

AM Performance have designed a range of turbo manifolds which provide instant turbo spool and tremendous top end power. These are available in internal or external wastegate configurations for a variety of popular motors and configurations, including SR20DET and RB25DET motors.

Our turbo manifolds are constructed from high quality stainless steel, and are of a proven design which increases turbine efficiency.



AM Performance produce a range of additional products to assist you with all your exhaust needs.

This range includes turbo and exhaust flanges for standard and aftermarket turbos, including Garrett T25 and T28 turbos, and a range of standard turbos.

We also offer a range of exhaust gaskets and popular pipe bends to suit every application.

  • Cat back exhaust system
  • Turbo Dump Pipe
  • Turbo Manifold
  • Accessories

Chris Edwards

Spoke to Andrew about some work I wanted done on my car
Extremely happy with the end result, excellent customer service and top quality work
Thank you ?? will be back for more soon

Mark Chaung

Workmanship is second to none, attention to detail in every steps and deliver perfect solution!!

Martin Farkas

Beautiful work, and he will keep on it until your happy. You cant find people like Andrew easily anymore. 5 stars Andrew.

Lucus Biar

Andrew does fantastic work, great prices and absolutely the most friendliest person I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Thanks once again Andrew I’ll be seeing you again soon

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